In a resolution adopted on March 14, 2019 (ENG), the European Parliament has denounced the widespread repression and restriction of freedom of expression, assembly and demonstration in Nicaragua. This resolution is preceded by numerous denunciations issued by national and international civil society organizations in a situation that could be verified in situ by a Delegation of  the Parliament in January of this year.

In its resolution, the Parliament denounces the illegalization of NGOs, non-governmental organizations and civil society, the expulsion of international organizations from the country, the closure and attacks against the media, the limitations of the right to information, the expulsion of students of universities and the worsening of the situation in prisons and the use of inhuman treatment.

The Parliament calls, as a matter of urgency, for a meaningful internal dialogue to find a sustainable and peaceful solution and calls on the Nicaraguan Government to launch “three urgent measures: the immediate release of political prisoners, the immediate cessation of all forms of repression and restitution of the legal personality and property of human rights organizations and the return of international organizations to the country “.

The approved text asks the competent community bodies to adopt specific and individual sanctions, such as the prohibition of the issuance of visas and the immobilization of assets, against the Government of Nicaragua and those responsible for human rights violations.


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