Conceived as serious human rights and public health problem, violence against women is a pervasive phenomenon both in European and Latin American countries. Achieving an effective implementation of the specific legislation on feminicide, ensuring women’s access to justice, reducing women’s revictimization, and introducing a gender perspective in media coverage of cases of violence against women and feminicide, are some of the challenges that would greatly benefit from a strong cooperation between the EU and the Latin American region. Integrated in the EU-CELAC Action Plans 2013-2015 and 2015-2017, the Chapter 7 on Gender established the eradication of violence against women in all its forms as a main priority for the bi-regional cooperation. This framework offers an opportunity to strengthen, share and accelerate actions on the key aspects of the fight against violence against women across countries and regions.

What are the common barriers and remaining gaps for both regions in the implementation of global and regional mechanisms on violence against women and feminicide? What are the opportunities for mutual learning in the prevention of violence against women? How can we promote a gender-sensitive media in the coverage of feminicide? The 10th Conference on Feminicide/Femicide will provide a space for mutual learning between international mechanisms on violence against women, civil society actors and experts from the field on these questions as well for an exchange of ideas and best practices. Finally, the conference will go beyond a mere discussion of the challenges, as its goal is to develop proposals for future cooperation between the two regions.