The   year   2020   marks   25   years   since   the   Fourth   World  Conference  on  Women  was  held  in  Beijing,  during  which 189  countries  adopted  the  Beijing  Platform  for  Action,  a  framework of policies for gender equality and the rights of women and children. On this 25th anniversary, it is apparent that the existing challenges for women have increased and have  become  even  more  acute  as  a  result  of  the  current  health,   economic   and   social   crisis   caused   by   COVID-19, which is causing a dramatic increase in the different forms of violence against women.

The EU-LAT Network have prepared a  series  of  recommendations to the EU  and  its  member  states  asking to  reaffirm their  commitment  to  the  Beijing  Platform  for  Action  and  to respond  to  the  current  coronavirus  crisis  with  political leadership   and   cooperation mechanisms   with   a   gender  perspective. 


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