The EU-LAT Civil Society Working Group,  ​​which EU-LAT Network is  part, has published an advocacy document in response to the Joint Communication to the European Parliament and the Council “European Union, Latin America and the Caribbean: Joining efforts for a common future ”. It is about modernizing bi-regional collaboration and establishing political priorities for the relations between both regions.

This civil society analysis,  recognizes the EU’s political commitment to pursue common goals and strengthen the strategic partnership between the two regions. However, we believe the focus on business relationships and economic growth does not place the promotion of Human Rights, sustainable development and the environment at the heart of relationships. Following the proposal of the EU Communication for an association based on 4 priorities, we present in the document a series of recommendations which contribute to the implementation of this relation, based on the true participation of civil society and the principle of  do not leave anyone behind and protect the planet.

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