The European networks CIFCA, Grupo Sur, APRODEV and ALOP have produced an infography on land grabbing by EU economic actors in Latin America, its impact on the communities and the role that the EU should play to ensure that human rights are respected.

Land grabbing in Latin America and the Caribbean: a problem that also concerns the EU.

CIFCA, together with other SCOs in Brussels, has designed an infography to warn on the role of the EU in land grabbing issues in Latin America and the Caribbean. This entails force evictions, an infringement the right to food and early malnutrition as well as the attack against human rights defenders. Some of our calls to the EU entail its compromise to screen the impact that trade agreements and other investments have on human rights, especially in countries with a high rate of impunity. We also call upon the EU to abide by the international conventions and to promote the political dialogue respecting the right to a free, prior and informed consultation ahead of the execution of any project that has an impact on the territory of indegenous communities, as established by the ILO C169.