European Parliament resolution of 19 December 2019 on the situation of human rights and democracy in Nicaragua

This resolution follows up on other actions undertaken by the EU authorities, in particular,  after the adoption by the Council on October 14, 2019,  Conclusions and a framework for the imposition of specific sanctions. It denounces the situation of violence and points to the human rights violations that are being committed in Nicaragua. The European Parliament, among other demands, calls for an end to the repression of which victims of the regime are the  human rights defenders and national and international civil society organizations among other categories of the population.

Denouncing the context of impunity and lack of access to justice, this resolution makes particular reference to the adoption of the sanctions framework by the Council and calls on Member States to quickly agree on the specific list of persons and entities that will be sanctioned , including the President and Vice President.

The European Parliament refers to the Association Agreement between the EU and the countries of Central America, with special emphasis on the fact that Nicaragua must respect and consolidate the principles of the Rule of democracy and human rights, otherwise the democratic clause of the Association Agreement could be activated.


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