One year after the merger between CIFCA and Grupo Sur, and with the creation of the new EU-LAT Network with a geographical work mandate covering the entire Latin American region, the Network has made significant progress in its institutional consolidation. Proof of this are the elaboration of internal programmatic documents (for example, the Five-Year Strategic Plan and gender policy brief) as well as other external communication management tools (website, brochures, etc.), as well as the active participation of its members (new Work Groups).

However, there are still important institutional challenges, among them, the design of a strategy to expand the work of the Network to the entire Latin American region (and in particular the Andean countries). Some important steps have already been taken as inputs to promote this work, among others, an advocacy tour on Peru and a visit of the secretariat to Peru in April 2019 – whose purpose was to strengthen links with members in this country, as well as contribute to the knowledge of the Network Secretariat, firsthand, about the needs and demands of the region and its strategic allies in order to work with the EU. This visit also showed the need for a strategy and coordination mechanisms fomenting dialogue with the members and achieve an impact.

Therefore, EU-LAT Network has decided to prioritize this issue and seeks external advice to define the strategic lines and coordination mechanisms needed together with its members to ensure a work that will have an impact in the region together with strategic alliances with partners from South America.

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