The EU-LAT Network (formerly CIFCA and Grupo Sur) has had external consultancies in recent years to facilitate communication and press work, which is a practice with good results. The Five-Year Strategic Plan of the network aims to strengthen and generate “new partnerships with alternative media, and collaborate intensively with traditional media, to develop joint actions in the field of advocacy, contributing with new knowledge , social narratives and imaginaries ”

The current 2019 work plan of the Network has a very active agenda of events and events planned for the months of September to December. The Network wishes that this agenda be accompanied by a communication work that can give greater visibility to the advocacy work. Likewise, this consultancy will be used to reinforce the internal communication of the Network, thus contributing to the institutional strengthening of the organization.

The communication must be aligned with the mission, vision and priorities of incidence of the EU-LAT Network, for this, the external consultant will have at his/her disposal the institutional documents of the Network, such as the Five-Year Strategic Plan, the internal communication policy, the external communication policy and the gender policy, in addition to the support of the Network Secretariat.


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