Press release, APRODEV, CIFCA, CIDSE, Grupo Sur, FIAN y Oxfam.

On the 29th of June 2012, the EU and the Central American governments will meet in Tegucigalpa, Honduras to sign the Association Agreement between the two regions, including its free trade pillar. In view of this event, the undersigned European networks and international organisations express their support to the positions and proposals presented by Central American civil society networks in their communication of 4 June 2012 (see attachment).

Together these eleven networks represent a wide spectrum of the Central American civil society. It is thus important that their demands and recommendations are taken into consideration by the authorities, including that of having a wide discussion on the agreement with the civil society before its ratification.

The European networks share the position of the Central American networks that signing the agreement in Honduras close to the date of the third anniversary of the coup d?état (28 June 2009) symbolises the shift of the EU in placing economic interest above respect for human rights.

During the last three years international organisations have observed deterioration in the human rights situation and the rule of law in Honduras, including an escalation in militarization, human rights violations and persecution against human rights defenders, in particular against social communicators, peasants, and members of the LGBT movements. All of this is taking place in a circle of impunity.

Considering the abovementioned, the networks urge the EU to seize the opportunity of the meeting in Honduras to discuss and respond to the recommendations presented by the Central American civil society regarding the Association Agreement as well as the concerns expressed by numerous organisations regarding the alarming human rights situation in Honduras.


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