Within the framework of our work, the EU-LAT Network develops Strategic Plans that are the basis for the development of our objectives.

The purpose of the consultancy is to advise and conduct in a participatory manner, together with the members, the development of the network’s multi-year strategic planning, considering the previous plan, external evaluation, internal and external environment, present and future that impact the institution, through the application of the most advanced and relevant methodologies and tools.

These outcomes should focus on the effects of the EU-LAT Network’s advocacy work towards the European Union and the internal effects on the members of the network.

Please send your application electronically to info@eulatnetwork.org with reference. “Strategic planning consultancy”.

If additional information is needed about the network to prepare the proposal please do not hesitate to contact the network secretariat at info@eulatnetwork.org +32 (0)2 5631912

The deadline for submitting the proposal is April 18, 2022, at 15h CET.

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