Ahead of the plenary session in the European Parliament about Peru the 18th of April 2023, the EU-LAT Network and PEP are publishing an Open Letter to the European Parliament on the current human rights situation in Peru, in the context of the civilian protests since December 2022.  We continue to observe with great concern the deterioration of democracy that is taking place in Peru as well as the repression with which the government has responded to the mobilisation of citizens. Therefore, we call on the European Parliament to continue to closely monitor the human rights situation in Peru.

Given the documentation of human rights violations by official and civil society organizations, and the statements of the EU Delegation and EEAS itself, we urge the European Parliament to join the call for accountability of the Peruvian Government and demand that the Parliament, among other elements:

  • Expresses its concern about the regressive legislative offensive conducted by the Peruvian authorities;
  • xpresses its concern about the decisions of the Constitutional Court favouring the Congress to the detriment of the balance of powers;
  • Continues its work of observation, analysis and evaluation, monitoring the current human rights crisis situation based on its obligations under the Trade Agreement with Peru;
  • Calls for an independent commission to assess the Peruvian state’s disproportionate use of force in its contact with the Peruvian authorities;
  • In its contact with the Peruvian authorities, insists on the need to put an end to stigmatisation and racial discrimination against active demonstrators and accusations of “terrorism”, and to care for and protect the indigenous population.
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