Within the framework of the 6th anniversary of the social uprising in Nicaragua, the EULAT Network, a pluralist network of more than 40 European movements and organizations that promote solidarity between the peoples of Latin America and Europe, with the support of the undersigning organizations, would like to make an urgent call to the institutions and representatives of the European Union to support the Nicaraguan civil society, largely from exile, in its tireless, determined defense of justice, freedom and democracy in this country.

Since April 2018, Nicaragua has been immersed in a deep political and human rights crisis, triggered by the violent response of Daniel Ortega’s government to peaceful citizens’ demonstrations. This has resulted in an environment of censorship, repression and fear that has closed civil society space and paralyzed any manifestation of dissent within the country.

In this context of consolidation of a dictatorial regime in Nicaragua, we reiterate our deep concern about the situation in this country. We appeal to the founding principles and values of the European Union, and its commitment to the promotion and protection of human rights, democracy and the rule of law.

Read our open letter here, in Spanish and English: Carta abierta final aniversario