Members European Parliament from 5 political groups and 9 countries, are concerned about the adoption of Law 5257 about NGOs registry In Guatemala.

The Guatemalan legislature approved a law that modifies the entire legal framework that applies to NGOs in the country. This law is extremely worrying since it goes against the principle of legality, leaving the dissolution of organizations possible, depending on possible effects on the “internal order”, which is a vague term open to discretion.

It should be noted that this is the first of a series of laws promoted by the legislature that would lead to the shrinking of civic spaces.

Members of the European Parliament sent a letter to the President of the Republic of Guatemala expressing their concern about the situation that the adoption of this law would entail. They, in view of the serious damage that this regulations create to social organizations and national and international NGOs in Guatemala, urge you Mr President of the Republic to review and use the mechanisms established in the Political Constitution of the Republic of Guatemala so that Law 5257 is in accordance with the highest international standards in the field of human rights.

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