The EU-LAT Network is pleased to publish its new Strategic Framework  “The Reference point network for European Civil Society on Human Rights in Latin-America”, which outlines the network’s strategic direction and priorities from 2023 to 2028. The document was officially endorsed by the EU-LAT General Assembly at their annual meeting, on 13 December in Brussels (Belgium).

The network is not starting from scratch. We aim consolidate the advocacy work we have undertaken in recent years, so that the network is the reference point on Latin America before the European authorities. This work will continue, based on what has worked so far, namely the significant involvement of the members as part of the network’s identity, a continued focus on the thematic priorities that unite the members and which we have been working on for several years, and the expansion of our advocacy strategies before the EU.

The network will adapt innovatively to changing contexts so that we can continue to build legitimacy, influence and future sustainability. We will do this by working towards the following goals:

  1. Strengthening the strategic relationship with social organisations in Latin America, moving from coordination to co-construction in our common working agenda before the EU.
  2. Consolidating our strategic advocacy work and expanding knowledge and learning among network members and social organisations in Latin America.
  3. Ensuring financial sustainability with new fundraising and financing strategies.

Read the new Strategic Framework here