The 17th of November 2022, the EU-LAT Network organises the XI Annual Conference on Feminicide in the European Parliament, in cooperation with the Greens/EFA and the Heinrich Böll Stiftung. This year, the Conference will discuss the fight for gender justice, particularly affecting women in Latin America.

Despite legal reforms to improve the condition of women in Latin America in recent years, women and girls are still exposed to deep-rooted levels of violence and discrimination. Even though positive steps have been taken by several Latin American countries by establishing legal frameworks to combat gender-based violence, access to justice remains extremely difficult, gender-based discrimination persists and loopholes in the legislation as well as the lack of the inclusion of all forms of violence against women in legal frameworks prevent women from adequate legal protection.

Therefore, this year’s Conference on Feminicide promotes the fight for gender justice, and exposes the challenges that still have to be overcome to ensure an equal access to justice and legal protection. With the presence of the MEPs Diana Riba i Giner, Ernest Urtasun and Tilly Metz, the Conference will highlight the topics of the persistence of discriminatory systems when denouncing and reporting gender based violence, as well as good practices and proposals to advance towards Gender just judicial systems.

Please find the complete program and registration form of the Conference here.


This event was made possible through the support of AFD.