On the 1st and 4th of July 2022, the EU-Mexico Seminar and High Level Dialogue took place in Brussels, within the framework of the Global Agreement between both parties. It is in this line of work and articulation for advocacy with strategic allies, such as the CSO Space, that the EU-LAT Network Secretariat and its members participated in both the EU-Mexico High Level Dialogue and the Seminar that preceded it. The promotion of formal and informal exchange spaces, first with Mexican organisations, followed by exchanges with officials of the EEAS, allowed for a significant degree of coordination and for the proposal of texts that were widely agreed upon by civil society.

Likewise, the EU-LAT Network Secretariat, together with FIDH, represented European civil society as a whole in the Dialogue spaces where discussions took place with the Mexican ambassador, the EU Special Representative for Human Rights and high-ranking officials of the EEAS, ensuring the transmission of the Network’s messages at the highest level.