On 25 and 26 September 2013, as part of a European tour organized by Aprodev and CIFCA with its members, 4 representatives of Honduran civil society visited Brussels. The main objective of the tour was to discuss and make recommendations on the situation of human rights and impunity in Honduras, having taken into account the general election in late November, the impacts that these have and will have on the situation of human rights in the country and the EU decision to send an electoral observation mission to Honduras long term from October 1st

As part of the tour, the 24th the screening of the film “Cry for the land” on the complicated situation of violation of human rights in Bajo Aguan (Honduras), a case that has followed CIFCA held since 2010. In the presentation we have the presence of a member of the Human Rights Observatory of Aguan in Bajo Aguan and representatives of civil society

Please find here the article of Deutsche Welle dedicated to the Electoral Observation in Honduras (in Spanish):


and the interview in EBX new about the human rights’ situation in Honduras in the framework of the Association Agreement between the EU and Central America, in English: