On February 23, 2022, the European Commission released its proposal for a directive on corporate sustainability due diligence. This directive could represent a historic step towards minimizing the negative impacts of companies on workers, communities and the environment around the world. In response, more than 220 civil society organizations from around the world welcome the proposal as an essential and long overdue step towards corporate accountability, responsible business conduct and access to justice.

However, the proposal contains significant flaws that risk preventing the directive from having the positive impact that people, the planet and the climate urgently need. The undersigned human rights, labour and environmental organizations and networks call on the European Parliament and the EU Member States to strengthen the text in line with what EU citizens, workers and communities affected by corporate abuses around the world have vocally and publicly demanded.

The statement sets out our views on how to improve the proposal to guarantee that the law effectively prevents corporate impacts on human rights, the environment and the climate, and provides victims of corporate abuses with access to effective remedies.

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